Friday, August 2, 2013

Enrollment Information

TaVaci Class Schedule

Class times:


Pre-K 3:45-4:40
1st and 2nd grade 4:45-5:45 PM
3rd and 4th grade 3:45-4:40 PM
5th - 8th grade 4:45-5:45 PM

Classes begin Tuesday, September 8th, at the Tavaci Studio (516 7th St) in Rupert.

Tuition Rates
(optional monthly installment schedule) 

One child..............................$35 (Sept-Nov, Jan- May) 
Two children........................$65 (Sept-Nov, Jan- May) 
Three children.....................$85 (Sept-Nov, Jan- May)
Four children.......................$95 (Sept-Nov, Jan-May)
Five children........................$95 (Sept-Nov, Jan-May)

OR Semester-rate Tuition:

One child............$105 (2020 Fall Semester.) $175 (Spring Semester) 

Two children…...$195 (2020 Fall Semester) $325 (Spring Semester)
Three children....$255 (2020 Fall Semester) $425 (Spring Semester) 
Four children......$285 (2020 Fall Semester) $475 (Spring Semester)
Five children.......$285 (2020 Fall Semester) $475 (Spring Semester)

These prices are pro-rated and are the same each month Sept-May.  Tuition is rated by the semester period and not rated on a monthly OR on a class by class basis.  The tuition fees pay for your child’s education of the program, vocal training and drama skills.

Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month, or the 10th (if paying via monthly installments).  Payments may be made by check or cash in class, or on the website,, by clicking "Make a Payment."

LATE FEE CHARGES:   A late fee of $5.00 will be charged to your account if it is 30 days overdue. This will be added each month the account is overdue.  All accounts must be current for your child to participate in the fall and spring concerts! 

Other Costs

REGISTRATION FEE: As with all groups, there is a registration fee of $30 per family, due upon registering, before classes begin. This fee covers the cost of paperwork, billing, and postage involved with your account for the year. It will also include cost for two practice vocal CD’s (Christmas and Spring music), and one TaVaci t-shirt per child per year. 

CONCERT FEE: $10/child or $15/family. This allows us to offer free admission to as many friends and family as you want to invite to our concerts at the beautiful Historic Wilson Theatre!

COSTUME FEE: (due by 3rd month: Nov or Mar)
**This year we will be updating costumes for girls; cost will most likely be lower than in the past.**
Boys -$35 (You provide: black pants, black dress shoes, black socks)
Girls -HAS BEEN $65 for Pre-2nd Grade; $60 for 3rd-8th Grade (You provide black tights and black dress shoes)

*** We usually use these costumes for as long as you are in TaVaci! This means you only buy a costume when your girl advances to 3rd grade, or when your child outgrows the costume you own.  You may be able to sell your used, good condition costume when it no longer fits, or swap with someone else for a bigger size as your child grows.                                  

PROPS:  (due by 3rd month: Nov or Mar)
Depends on concert, but usually $6-$15

Studio Policies

ATTENDANCE: Attendance to every class is much appreciated! However, we do realize conflicts arise. Please keep in mind children will perform well when they are confident about their music. 100% attendance awards will be presented to the 3rd- 6th grade students. (Pre- 2nd have a hard time understanding NOT receiving a ribbon).  We, occasionally, have extra practices for specialty numbers that may involve some of the students (no extra charge).  When possible, we try to hold these right after regular class.  Specialty numbers are optional (but are REALLY fun!).

CLASS & CONCERT BEHAVIOR:  We make sure our classes are very fun and interactive!  To ensure that TaVaci is a good experience for everyone, students must be able to follow direction from teachers appropriate to their age group.  Disruptive behavior, for any reason, takes away from the experience of the rest of the group, and continued disruptive behavior may jeopardize your child's participation in TaVaci.  

CONCERTS: The concert is an integral part of your vocal training. It is the most positive of all the music activities in improving self-esteem and confidence. There will be two concerts annually (Christmas and Spring) All concerts and performances are free to the public.

DRESS REHEARSALS: The dress rehearsals held prior to the concert at the concert hall are MANDATORY. You will have advance notice of dates and times. The rehearsals are closed to the public AND parents! So SORRY! 

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCES: Occasionally we are invited to perform at special events, such as the Festival of Trees. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. There are no additional charges for these performances. 

COSTUMES/PROPS: All students are required to wear the selected costume.  We use these costumes as long as you are in TaVaci, or until you outgrow them (only new 3rd grade girls will trade to a new costume from the younger group). Used costumes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis and only on the designated day(s). You will be notified of dates and times. Props are sometimes used for a number or two in concerts. There are additional fees for any props for all students, usually between $5-15.

CLASSTIME DROP OFF & PICK UP:  Class will be held at our studio in Rupert. There are two rooms. The older kids (3-8th grade) have class in the front room, and the younger kids (Preschool-2nd grade) have class in the back room, accessible by the front door or by a side door just in the alley. Kids need picked up promptly so we can clean the room during our five minute break between classes. We ask that you come pick up your younger kids at the alley or front door, rather than having them come out where we can't see.

*Students will need to wait in lobby area until five minutes before their class time so we can set up for the fun!  Please know that your child will not be supervised if dropped off more than five minutes early. Unsupervised children also need to stay out of the store area in the front.*

VISITORS: If your child would like to bring a friend to class please notify the teacher; otherwise we would request that no visitors (parents included) attend class. The younger children, in particular, are easily distracted. If you have questions about your child's progress please notify your child's teacher. To keep social distancing in practice, we ask that we don't have parents watch this semester. Thank you!

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