Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tavaci Registration 2020-2021 School Year

2020-2021 TaVaci (Register below!!!)
**The Paypal buttons are not working--we are trying to get them fixed. Please fill out registration form below, and send registration fee ($30/family for new students, $15 for returning student special) via Venmo to @fepoteet, or on Paypal by sending to  Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience!**

Our Fall 2020 "Plan" for Tavaci!

SOCIAL DISTANCING: In order to allow social distancing in our classes we will, unfortunately, be able to allow ONLY 15 students per class, so PLEASE register ASAP. We should be able to make room for returning students even if we do some shuffling between classes, but we need to know you’re returning!

*TINYS: After much thought, we regret that, for hygiene reasons, only KINDERGARTENERS and up will be allowed in Tinys this fall semester. The preschoolers are SO adorable and we will miss them! This was a hard choice. We will re-evaluate allowing younger students for Spring, based on circumstances.

*MASKS: Masks for students are optional (but spitting does go along with singing). Do what is best for your family! Our instructors will be wearing face shields so children can see faces and facial expressions.

*HAND SANITIZING: We will have the kids sanitize their hands upon entering the studio and exiting the studio.

*BATHROOM USAGE: In order to limit places for any sickness to spread, we ask that children go to the bathroom before coming to class, if possible, so that the studio bathroom can only be used for emergency bathroom needs. (We will never deny any child bathroom privileges if really needed, of course).

*SYMPTOMS OF ANY SICKNESS: If your child shows ANY signs of sickness, especially symptoms of COVID-19, KEEP THEM HOME PLEASE! We may check temperatures. (students are welcome to attend make-up classes—Tinys can go to Minors and vice versa, and Majors can go to Harmonics and vice versa.).

*CONCERT: Is scheduled for the week before THANKSGIVING. Like many colleges, we won’t return after Thanksgiving break to share our germs. 😁Fall tuition will only be charged for September-November. There is a chance that we will not be able to hold our "traditional" concert. However, as a staff, we are looking at ALL options for allowing your children to showcase what they are learning including holding smaller concerts, having additional performances throughout the semester. As a last resort, we would hold and/or create a “virtual” concert. Things can change so rapidly so we will continue to keep you updated!

*CURRICULUM: Our curriculum will continue to include vocal instruction, ear training, rhythm, theater instruction, diction, movement, solo and ensemble opportunities, narration and speaking instruction, and a whole lot of fun! No matter what the outcome is with our concert situation, we know this: your child will be taught and given the opportunity to use everything about the performing arts, gain confidence, and learn tools that they will use for the rest of their lives!

*WHAT IF?: What if things must go back to where we were a few months ago? We will continue to be flexible. We have learned more about holding zoom classes. If classes must be suspended for a time, you will not be charged. Concert fee will only be charged if we can hold a concert.


Thank you so much for your continued support through all of this! As we have discussed and pondered our plan, we came to a unified decision that our kids need something positive to focus on right now! We hope to BE and provide that "something positive"! ❤️
Please read through all Studio Policies on the registration form, then sign.

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