Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tavaci Registration 2020-2021 School Year

2020-2021 TaVaci (Register below!!!)
New student registration: $30/family
Current students from Fall semester do NOT need to re-register.

Studio location: 512 7th St, Rupert

Same times:
Tinys (Kindergarten): 3:45-4:40    Minors (1st-2nd grade): 4:45-5:45
Majors (3rd-4th grade): 3:45-4:40    Harmonics (5th-8th grade): 4:45-5:45

Wondering how we're proceeding with Tavaci classes?

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We generally follow what local public schools are doing and do our best to keep students spaced as much as possible. We open windows, keep moving air, or have outdoor classes as possible and keep up on local COVID case trends. 

*TINYS: After much thought, we regret that, for hygiene reasons, we are only accepting KINDERGARTENERS as new students

*HAND SANITIZING: We will have the kids sanitize their hands upon entering the studio and exiting the studio. We wipe down surfaces in the 5 minutes between classes, so please wait to come in until we have.

*BATHROOM USAGE: In order to limit places for any sickness to spread, we ask that children go to the bathroom before coming to class, if possible, so that the studio bathroom can only be used for emergency bathroom needs. (We will never deny any child bathroom privileges if really needed, of course).

*SYMPTOMS OF ANY SICKNESS: If your child shows ANY signs of sickness, especially symptoms of COVID-19, KEEP THEM HOME PLEASE! Students are welcome to attend make-up classes—Tinys can go to Minors and vice versa, and Majors can go to Harmonics and vice versa.

*CONCERT: We will be holding our regular concert in May.


Please read through all Studio Policies on the registration form, then sign.

**IMPORTANT:  Register below, THEN click "Buy Now" to pay your $30/family registration fee.  This will secure your child's spot in class.  See "Studio Policies" on the registration form below for more info.

**NEW Students-- Pay your $30 registration fee (only one fee per family!), by sending via Venmo @fepoteet or over PayPal to**